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Watson's Way Bikes

Watson's Way offers the cheapest and best quality bike hire and tours in Renwick. We also welcome all cycle tourism. For more information please visit our Watson's Way Bike Tours website, or Contact Us.

  • Marlborough biek tour
  • Wine Tasting
  • Bike Tour
  • Bike Vinyard tour
  • Tandum Bike

Watson's Way Cycle Tourism

Watson's Way welcomes all cycle tourists. We want to offer you a place to relax and recover, so we have made sure we can accommodate you with the following facilities...

  • Hot showers $5
  • Air compressor / pump
  • Secure storage
  • Work area to fix gear, bike stand
  • Fast wifi for research
  • Knowledge of local wine + bike activities
  • Roll up to a campsite with plenty of outdoor seating & a BBQ